With the rising interest in green energy and the dire economic situation in the United States, the QisolTM thermal energy metering company aims to build trust and confidence regarding profitability and green investments in the emerging small-scale solar thermal industry. They plan to accurately and reliably meter, calculate and log the energy produced and efficiency gained, from low temperature, residential, solar thermal domestic hot water preheating installations. the QisolTM thermal energy metering company will have a central clearinghouse through wireless networks and SmartGrid technologies, and its flagship product is called the ProveYourProfitTM energy meter.  The ProveYourProfitTM energy meter is a physical meter that handles the data necessary to integrate three currently separate business functions: data logging, transmission of ‘third-party’ verified data, and subscription reporting.

The QisolTM thermal energy metering company will verify, package and deliver formatted information that will be beneficial to owners, installers and governmental and private regulating agencies. It will provide information such as return on solar thermal subsides (tax credits) and verification that the product is working as intended.