The flagship product of Qisol, LC is the ProveYourProfitTM meter. The ProveYourProfitTM meter will

  1. Record the energy produced by the solar hot water collector
  2. Record relevant weather data to calculate efficiency
  3. All the information is transmitted using wireless technology

In addition to the SmartGrid collection venue, the Qisol TM meter will be able to deliver the information through wireless water meters; or when the situation requires, through the established method of a person driving, riding, or walking with a laptop/meter reader. We can adapt it specific wireless protocols.

The wireless collection method preserves the ‘chain of custody’ of the data so that the integrity of the data remains intact. The verified data will be available when the owner of the ‘greenness’ of the energy (or the Renewable Energy Credits) decides to sell the RECs. Qisol, LC will verify the integrity of the data and certify the Renewable Energy Credits.

Energy data in a variety of formats are available to the utilities, the installers, and the homeowners, both online and through a monthly reports. Immediate email notifications are sent to the installer and homeowner if the data indicates that the system performance has deteriorated.

See a demonstration chart here (